Woman’s bizarre way of giving her dog water to drink on a camping trip has sparked online turmoil

       A social media video of a woman watering her dog in an unconventional way during a steep climb has shocked viewers online.
       The woman opened the dog’s mouth and poured out the water from her own mouth, almost like mouth-to-mouth resuscitation, to keep him from dehydrating during strenuous walking.
       The creator of the video shared that she forgot to bring her dog’s water bowl with her while walking, so she had to keep her dog in that condition.
        Dogs need to drink plenty of water to stay hydrated, especially since their coats can heat up quickly. Just like in humans, heat stroke in dogs can be very dangerous and even fatal, so it’s important to make sure your pet is constantly drinking water while walking on a warm day.
       The Bowman Animal Hospital and North Carolina Cat Clinic wrote online that dogs do not understand the importance of maintaining water balance and therefore rely on their owners to always supply them with water.
       ”Some of these methods include placing water bowls in multiple locations around the home, using larger bowls, adding water to dog food, and other methods such as dog-friendly drinking fountains or smoothies.”
        “Your puppy doesn’t understand the importance of keeping enough fluids in his body, so he’s counting on your help to encourage him to drink enough. Review the information below to learn more about how to keep your dog hydrated,” Animal Hospital added.
       Since @HarleeHoneyman shared this TikTok post on May 8th, over 1.5 million users have liked it, and over 4,000 people have shared their thoughts on this unconventional yet funny moment in the comment section below the post.
        “I never thought about giving baby water to my dog. I think he will end up suffocating me in my sleep,” added another TikTok user.
        Another user commented: “My dog ​​prefers eau de toilette so honestly it’s a hygiene improvement. I support this approach.”
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Post time: Aug-01-2023