The UK pet market presents new features, with products from the consumer’s perspective becoming a blue ocean

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We often say ‘empathy’ and thinking from the perspective of consumers is the best marketing method for sellers. In Europe, pets are treated as family and friends by pet owners, and for Europeans, pets are an essential part of life. In the news and British movies about pets, we can easily see that pets are crucial for Europeans.

From the perspective of pet protagonists, pet owners treat their pets as friends and children, so pet owners are very concerned about their pets’ health issues. Generally speaking, pets such as cats and dogs have a much shorter lifespan than humans. After a few years of growth, pets will enter the “old age”, while pet owners are in their prime. There are research reports indicating that pet owners may experience two pet deaths in their lifetime, and each death is a significant blow for pet owners. Therefore, pet health, extending pet lifespan, and pet retirement have become the most important concerns for consumers at present.

According to statistics, pet owners in the UK are paying increasing attention to pet health and wellness, leading to some new consumer demands in this field. Some sellers who specialize in pet health products have already achieved success in the market, and consumer demand is gradually increasing. Sellers who are capable of operating in the pet health market can layout and produce such products.

The health of pets now includes pet needs such as “comfort” and “bone health”, with concerns for comfort and bone health ranking first and second respectively, while “digestive system” and “teeth” needs ranking third and fourth respectively. At the same time, the psychological health of pets has also become a focus of pet owners’ attention. Treating pets as family and soothing their emotions is an urgent need for pet owners. We all know that contemporary young people are busy with work and spend most of their time in the office. Young people who keep pets mostly live alone. When pet owners work, pets are alone at home, and pets also feel lonely. Therefore, it is very important to soothe their pets’ emotions.

Post time: Oct-18-2023