The pet market in Southeast Asia has huge business opportunities, and the latest market data in Southeast Asia

Pet supplies refer to clothing, grooming tools, and various accessories for pets that are kept as companion animals in households. Among them, the market demand for cat and dog-related products is the largest.

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Pet supplies can be roughly categorized into four aspects: "travel," "housing," "clothing," and "entertainment." In the "travel" aspect, there are pet carriers, strollers, etc. In the "housing" aspect, there are cat beds, dog houses, smart cat litter boxes, fully automatic pet waste processors, etc. In the "clothing" aspect, there are various clothing options, holiday costumes (especially for Christmas and Halloween), leashes, etc. In the "entertainment" aspect, there are cat trees, teaser wands, frisbees, discs, chew toys, etc.

The pet supplies market in Southeast Asia reached a size of $15 billion in 2020, and it is expected to reach $25 billion by 2030. In 2021, the Google search volume for pets and pet supplies in Southeast Asia increased by 88% compared to the previous year. Thailand is currently the largest pet market in Southeast Asia, accounting for 44% of the total sales in the region.

Among the six countries in Southeast Asia (Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam), Malaysia and the Philippines had the highest growth in pet search volume, both increasing by 118%. Vietnam ranked second in terms of pet search volume, reaching 1.8 million searches, but its growth rate was lower, increasing by only 34%. Indonesia and Thailand had a growth rate of 88% and 66% in pet search volume, respectively, while Singapore's pet search volume decreased by 7%.

As the pet market expands, consumer demand becomes more segmented. In this regard, sellers need to pay attention to selecting products with good quality and reasonable prices, and strive to achieve refined development in the product chain.

Overview of the pet industry market in six Southeast Asian countries:

Thailand: Sales of approximately 97 million RMB in the past 30 days (source: Shopee platform)

Indonesia: Sales of approximately 100 million RMB in the past 30 days

Philippines: Sales of approximately 78 million RMB in the past 30 days

Malaysia: Sales of approximately 49 million RMB in the past 30 days

Singapore: Sales of approximately 27 million RMB in the past 30 days

Vietnam: Sales of approximately 37 million RMB in the past 30 days

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2.Pet Accessories

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3.Pet Health Products

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