The pet category in cross-border e-commerce is not afraid of inflation and is expected to experience a surge in the year-end peak season!

The Federation released data showing that one of the most popular categories in this year's Halloween sales is clothing, with a total estimated spending of $4.1 billion. Children's clothing, adult clothing, and pet clothing are the three main categories, with pet clothing expected to reach $700 million in spending. Americans love to dress up their pets for Halloween, with pumpkin-themed costumes being the top choice according to a recent survey!

With the rising pet ownership rate worldwide, pet socialization and pet fashion are becoming increasingly popular. The "pet economy" is rapidly growing, and more and more brands are entering the market. The pet supplies market is one of the fastest-growing markets in consumer upgrading, with most pet owners purchasing snacks, daily necessities, grooming products, and toys for their beloved pets, making pet toys one of the core categories in the pet industry.
Positive attitude towards pet category spending

According to the comprehensive analysis of the "2023 Annual Retail Trend Observation," despite concerns about inflation, US consumers still have a positive attitude towards pet category spending. By 2032, the global pet toy market is expected to reach $15 billion, with a compound annual growth rate of 6.7%.

Data shows that 76% of pet owners consider their pets as their children.
Consumers generally expect to increase their budget for pet category spending but also want to save as much money as possible. Approximately 37% of consumers are looking for pet consumption discounts, and 28% are participating in consumer loyalty programs.
About 78% of respondents are willing to allocate a higher budget for pet food and treats in 2023.
38% of consumers are willing to spend more on pet health and hygiene products.
20% of consumers prefer to purchase pet-related products through e-commerce channels.
About 80% of pet owners celebrate their pets' birthdays and related holidays with special gifts or gestures.

pet birthday

Booming wedding market

With Halloween and Christmas approaching, pet clothing will experience a surge in demand. Pet beds, cat and dog cleaning products, water bottles, feeding supplies, chest and back harnesses for walking, and dog toys (ball toys, rope toys, plush toys, dog frisbees, ball launchers, etc.) are all highly popular.

Pet clothing
Seasonal clothing such as waterproof jackets, fur coats, and sweaters can protect pets from cold weather. There are also pet dresses and costumes suitable for various occasions such as pet weddings, parties, and holiday celebrations. Accessories such as pet collars, bows, headbands, ties, and goggles are also available. Pet clothing comes in various styles, including casual, cute, fashionable, and funny.

pet cloth

Pet beds
High-quality and durable materials, as well as a variety of styles such as cushions, baskets, and cooling pads, can meet the preferences and needs of different pets and owners. Dog owners may also purchase pet fences and gates to limit their pets' activities.

Cat and dog cleaning and water feeding products
Cleaning products include pee pads, biodegradable garbage bags, smart deodorizers, washable products, bulk packaging, and multifunctional products, which deserve special attention. Feeding and watering products include outdoor portable water bottles, smart water dispensers, and high-value basic water dispensers with attractive designs.

Chest and back harnesses and pet outdoor accessories
These mainly include pet travel bags, strollers, and expandable pet backpacks.

Cat and dog toys
The North American market has a high proportion in the pet market, with medium and large dogs being more common, resulting in a higher demand for consumable toys. This category includes catnip toys, sound-emitting toys, cat ball toys, cat mouse toys, sound-emitting dog toys, chew toys for dogs, ball toys for dogs, rope toys for dogs, plush toys for dogs, and dog frisbees.

dog toys

Pet grooming tools
This category includes lint rollers, gloves, combs, brushes, cleaning massage brushes, nail clippers, nail grinders, electric clippers and accessories, shaving tools, hair trimmers, shower and bathing products, cleaning wipes, pet grooming machines, drying cabinets, blowers, blow-drying and brushing machines, deodorizing sprays, and pet shampoos.

Pet funeral and memorial products
Additionally, cat and dog funeral and memorial products are a rapidly growing segment, including coffins, artistic pet urns, tombstones, and commemorative jewelry such as necklaces, bracelets, keychains, and decorative items like photos, pendants, figurines, and portraits.

Post time: Dec-04-2023