The 14 Best Boar Bristle Brushes of 2023 (Tested & Reviewed)

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        A few years ago, for all purposes, I used only my proven comb from the pharmacy and believed that it would suit everyone. But then I discovered that there are many different types .css-tjvzc4{-webkit-text-decoration:none;text-decoration:none;text-decoration-thickness:0.0625rem;text-decoration-color:inherit;text -underline – offset:0.25rem;color:inherit;-webkit-transition:all 0.3s escape-in​-out;transition:all 0.3s escape-in​-out;border-bottom:thinsolid #6F6F6F;} .css – tjvzc4 :hover{color:#595959;text-decoration-color:border-link-body-hover;} There are combs on the market (see: round brush, paddle brush, straightening brush, combing brush, etc.), and they all acted differently. No, you don’t need a dozen styles of hair brushes, however you should consider a few or get a brush that can do multiple jobs, like my favorite boar bristle brush for all hair types.
        Stylist Lee Harges calls the boar bristle brush “the perfect hair tool” because it helps polish hair with natural scalp oils, gently detangling without tugging. This is just one of those beauty tools that you should use at least once in your life. Stylist Tippi Shorter agrees that the boar bristle brush also has many benefits, highlighting that it doesn’t pull hair out and can be used to create many different hairstyles, such as my favorite sleek back bun and Hayley Bieber. But what’s the best? According to hairdresser Joseph Maine, this brush will last you a long time (i.e. years), so the investment is definitely worth it. So, I personally tested and reviewed the 14 best bristle brushes on the market and consulted. Here are some experts:
        ✔️PS, this is new and relevant information, bb. We updated this article in June 2023 with new bristle brushes that are constantly discussed on the Internet, removed obsolete old ones and contacted new experts for the latest bristle brushes designed just for you.
        You are interested? Well, you have plenty of options for every taste, and I found one of the best of them. Thinking about getting your hair done before your next big event and need a dressing table? Check. Energizing charge for this special day? Check. How about an elegant ponytail? Check, check, check again. These 14 different bristle brushes cover all your styling needs.
        This is my favorite product (and 11,000 Amazon reviewers agree) because it’s incredibly affordable yet high quality. Look closely and you’ll notice that this brush’s boar bristles vary in length and are ideal for easy combing and shiny hair. Stylists Lee Harges and Joseph Main love this brush for smoothing and softening hair. After using a curling iron or flat iron, I run this brush through my hair to loosen the curls, resulting in a beautiful pattern of soft waves.
        Review: “I know it’s just a hairbrush, but I’m obsessed with it,” says one review. “It doesn’t damage my hair as much as other brushes. When I get tangled, I don’t feel like I’m pulling them out and my hair even looks better with this brush.”
        For the past two years, my hair has almost always been pulled back into a slick bun, and this affordable drugstore brush does the job perfectly. After parting my hair in the middle and using my favorite lipstick (inspired by ~Kendall Jenner and Hailey Bieber~) (try: Tancho or Samnyte), I use this boar bristle brush to gather the hair back as tightly and neatly as possible. Comb it through, then secure it into a tight bun with an elastic band. Made from 100% boar bristles, it fits easily into a bag and is perfect for smoother, shinier hair.
        Review: “I was amazed at the changes in my hair after using this brush,” said one tester. “Boar stubble is very important, and I have very fine hair.”
        Yes. Brush of all brushes. Cream of cream. Great Bambino. This classic brush will stay with you forever and it’s the only reason you’ll spend almost three hundred dollars on a hair tool that doesn’t even plug into the mains. “The price of these brushes reflects the quality of workmanship and their durability,” explains Haggis, a longtime fan of Mason Pearson. With this brush, you get all the hair’s sheen and boar’s hair oil dispersion, although it pains me (and my wallet) to say that the incredible craftsmanship really makes a difference – shocking.
        Review: “$300 for a brush?! Wow! But it’s worth every penny,” one reviewer remarked. “My split ends are gone and there is a lot less hair on my comb every day. I can’t explain it, but you don’t want to stop combing, it’s like a massage.”
        Although the price of Cadillac boar bristle brushes is quite high, there are still many great options for those who do not want to shell out a fortune on their first use. Conair’s 100% boar bristle brush is specially designed for delicate and sensitive scalps. Very fine bristles gently distribute the natural oils of the scalp through the hair. This brush is also very versatile: it can be used as a wet combing brush, blow-drying brush or as an essential everyday item.
        Review: “This is a great brush for those with thinning hair like me,” wrote one reviewer. “The bristles are soft yet strong enough to detangle thinning hair. They are much better than other stiffer brushes at combing tangled hair.”
        Quality brushes are expensive, but you only need to save once because the best brushes last forever. You may never have to throw away and replace this handmade bristle brush, so add it to your daily hair care routine at a fraction of the cost. Made from ethical and sustainable renewable resources, this brush features durable boar bristles and flexible pads for easy combing.
        Review: “Compared to all the other boar brushes I’ve had, this one really is the best,” notes one reviewer. “I mostly put it on the top of my hair — I have thick 3a/b curls that get really frizzy and flat. I have a very sensitive scalp and it doesn’t bother me at all.”
        Bristle is an important factor when choosing a brush, but Haggis says you should also look at the handle, because if it’s uncomfortable, guess what? Yes, you didn’t use it. We know how heavy a hair dryer can be, so a lightweight brush with an ergonomic handle is the key to creating tension without fatigue. This round brush is not only ultra-light, but also contains a mixture of natural boar and heat-resistant carbon fiber.
        Review: “The brush is super lightweight and great for a sleepy morning when you’re heading to work,” wrote one tester. “My hair has definitely reduced dryness, tangles and static this winter; they became smoother and looked healthier.”
        This round brush from one of Maine’s favorite brands features alternating rows of two different types of bristles: natural boar bristles and heat-resistant polyamide bristles. Longer, non-boar bristles help detangle hair, while boar bristles gently pull hair out. They work together to provide the smoothest possible result.
        Review: “It holds great and smooths out my fine hair,” wrote one reviewer. “My barbershop uses this brush and I’m so glad I now have it at home. I’ll throw away my old round brush, I wish I had it sooner!”
        The bristles are not just for paddle brushes. In fact, this is a great option for round brushes because they are more gentle and reduce hair damage when blow-drying. A smaller round brush like this one is ideal if you want to style short hair, style curls or add volume to flat roots. This 1.3″ round brush is made up of 100% boar bristles.
       Review: “I have semi-curly hair and love how easy it is to blow-dry with this brush,” read one tester’s review.
        This brush is completely vegan, but looks and works just like the real thing. The tool is equipped with synthetic bristles of different lengths (some with rounded ends) instead of boar bristles, which allows you to thoroughly detangle the hair and massage the scalp. A good, cruelty-free, affordable brush? Can’t beat it.
        Comments: “I have 3b long curly hair,” wrote one tester. “I have a hard time detangling my hair after a shampoo day, but this brush has made my hair so much easier. I also feel like I wash less hair with it.”
        I received this brush as a gift a long time ago. I won’t lie, it took me three months to use it, but when I did, I was shocked not only by how well it detangles my hair after a shower, but also by how well it works on my scalp. How pleasant it is to the touch. The unique flexibility of the brush allows it to conform to the shape of the scalp, providing an incredibly relaxing massage.
       Review: “I really like this brush and this brand – it’s gentle and detangles hair well,” read one tester’s review.
        The only 2-in-1 product we endorse for use in everyday hair care is the reversible brush, and it does it all. Use one side with reinforced boar bristles to detangle tangles, then flip it over to smooth hair, and use the other side with soft 100% boar bristles to add shine.
       Review: “This brush leaves your hair super smooth,” noted one tester, adding, “The very hard side detangles even the thickest, coarsest hair.”
        This detangling brush can be used before shampooing to condition the hair and stimulate the scalp. This brush combines flexible massaging bristles with natural boar bristles to leave your hair soft and smooth without tangling.
        Review: “Surprised how much a simple brush can change the texture of my hair,” says one review. “I think it’s a combination of different bristles! It’s great for detangling hair after curls or waves, and spreads oil or dry shampoo all over my hair.”
        Fact: Some of the best edging brushes are made from boar bristles. The density of this brush with edges really strikes the perfect balance: firm enough to style hair exactly where you want it, yet gentle enough not to irritate baby’s fragile hair. This comb is a 3-in-1 product that has bristles for using your favorite edge control products, a plastic comb on one side for parting hair, and finally a pointed tip for all your parting needs.
        Comments: “The brush lies firmly in the hand,” one of the testers noted. “The bristles are easy to clean and the protective cap prevents product residue from getting into your toiletries bag.”
        Now that we’ve told you that boar bristle brushes are great for smoothing and detangling hair, we’re going to add a fun fact to confuse you: they’re also great for detangling hair. Yes, it turns out that the bristles, which are great for creating tension in your hair, are bi-directional, which means you can also use a narrow brush like this one to slick back your hair for extra volume.
        Review: “As good as any high quality brush and feels well built, so I highly doubt it’s going to break anytime soon,” one reviewer wrote. “I love that it can be folded, which makes it easy to store and helps protect the stubble.”
        The bristle brush is made from pig bristles. “The bristles are strong and flexible, so they last a long time without showing much wear,” Maine says. Haggis adds that natural bristles are great for creating tension when detangling hair, but they are soft, meaning they won’t tear or break strands. Don’t like using real boar bristles? Don’t worry: not all boar bristle brushes are made from 100% natural bristles, some brushes are made up of a mixture of natural and synthetic bristles, and others are completely vegan.
        The choice of a particular bristle brush depends on what kind of hairstyle or daily use you want. Like most combs and everything in life, there is no universal option. Shorter explains that a compact, bristled brush like the Goody Boar Hair Brush is a great option for smoothing ponytails, buns, and other similar stylish hairstyles.
        However, if you’re looking for a more casual brush or brush to use with a blow dryer, “there are boar bristle brushes that are wider and have a flat tip to grab hair and smooth it out,” she says. Shorter also notes that a flat brush like the Flex Brush or Wet Brush gives hair more room to filter, which in turn dries faster and easier. However, if you’re looking for a boar bristle brush for a bouncy look, Shorter recommends using a round brush like YSPark or the Ibiza Hair Round Brush.
        Siena Galliano is Associate Editor of Cosmopolitan, a beauty writer with two years of experience writing beauty, fashion and lifestyle news. She’s an expert at researching and writing hair stories, like the best travel hair dryers and thick shampoos, and having tried them on her hair a million times, she feels like she knows a thing or two about boar bristle brushes. She regularly tests and analyzes the effectiveness of boar bristle brushes on her hair, and works with industry-leading stylists to evaluate new products and brands.
       Brooke Shunatona has been a Senior Beauty Editor for Cosmopolitan for almost five years and has eight years of experience writing beauty and lifestyle articles in print and digital form, including diffusers for frizzy hair and how to get rid of oily skin.
        Siena Galliano is an Associate Editor at Cosmopolitan covering beauty in makeup, skin and hair, as well as fashion and lifestyle. Do you want to know how to have the best eyebrows of your life? Brother Zhong. How about radiant skin, a bouncy glow, or even a viral face mask? Check, check, check again. Prior to joining Cosmopolitan, Siena worked for Bustle and several other publications. As a new New Yorker, she vows to find the best (very) dirty martini the city has to offer – and yes, that means ~trying~ to try all of the city’s great cocktail venues (Please give her some advice, please). Follow Siena on Instagram and you’ll find that her account is dominated by pictures of her adorable puppies and magazine life.
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