Single item sales of 10W+pieces! Temu pet category hot selling products exposed

The pet category is one of the key categories on the TEMU platform. According to the person in charge of investment promotion for the TEMU pet category, the platform is mainly recruiting sub categories such as cat and dog litter mats, travel supplies, training supplies, pet cleaning, grooming and grooming, bird supplies, feeding and water feeders, chest and back traction ropes, aquarium products, pet products, pet toys, cat and dog clothing and accessories.

pet products

From platform data, some individual product sales can exceed 10W+pieces, but for the platform, there are still many products that are scarce resources and are expanding investment efforts.


Hot Category 1: Pet Nest Mats


When selecting pet litter, it is recommended to pay attention to the following characteristics:


-High quality materials: Durable materials provide pets with a comfortable and safe resting space.


-Diversified styles: Mattresses, cushions, baskets, ice mats, and other styles to meet the preferences and needs of different pets and owners.


-Design styles are diverse: simple, cute, fashionable, and other styles.

dog bed



Hot Move Category 2: Cat and Dog Cleaning Category


Cat and dog cleaning products include urine pads, biodegradable garbage bags, intelligent self-cleaning cat litter basins, and intelligent deodorizers, mainly focusing on products that can be washed, sold in bulk, have high customer prices, and have diverse functions.


Cat and dog feeding and water feeding products include outdoor portable water bottles, intelligent water dispenser feeders, and high-quality basic water dispensers, with a focus on cost-effective, multifunctional, and intelligent technology products.


The following pet luminous collar has a sales volume of over 10W units per item, nearly 40W units per store, and nearly 11W reviews per item.

Pet water dispenser


Hot Category 3: Cat and Dog Toys/Cat and Dog grooming beauty products/Cat and Dog Memorial Funeral Supplies


Dog toys: dog sound toys, dog chew toys, dog ball toys, dog knot toys, dog plush toys, dog frisbee, dog toy server, dog toy automatic server. The North American market has a high proportion in the pet market, with a majority of medium to large dogs, with a focus on recruiting various types of dog toys suitable for medium to large dogs.


Cat toys: cat mint toys, cat voice toys, cat ball toys, cat mouse toys, cat plush toys, cat play tunnels, cat feather toys. Cat Mint Edible Ball Toy (FDA certification required), Cat Laser Pen Toy requires a laser grade of 1, with a test report of 21 CFR 1040.10, or IEC60825-1.


Cat and dog grooming and beauty products: sticky roller, gloves, needle comb, comb, cleaning massage brush, nail clippers, nail sharpener, electric clippers and accessories, shaving tools, hair clippers, shower and shower products, cleaning wipes, pet machine, drying box, hair dryer, hair blowing and pulling machine, deodorant spray, and bath shampoo.

pet toys

Post time: Sep-20-2023