People had better sleep with their pets

        Many pet owners say that sleeping with their pets in their room is unobtrusive and even good for their sleep, and a 2017 study by the Mayo Clinic found that people actually had better sleep quality when their pets were in. bedroom. However, the report also showed that pet owners sleep better when their dogs are out of bed. A dog bed is a great investment that will give you and your dog a good night’s sleep and give them a place to rest when they want to nap or be alone during the day. Unlike other dog essentials like food, treats and toys, a dog bed will last for years (if your pup doesn’t break it).
        We talked to experts about the benefits of dog beds and what to consider when buying one to keep your dog comfortable and relaxed. We’ve also put together some of the highly rated options and options recommended by the experts for review.
       Dog beds are technically not essential to the health of most dogs, but they provide a comfortable and safe place for a dog to rest, which belongs only to him.
       ”A dog bed has the advantage of giving the dog personal space and making him feel safe. It can help with anxiety, especially if the dog needs to travel, [because] his bed can be taken along for comfort and safety. Acquaintance said Dr. Gabrielle Fadl, director of Primary Health Care at Bond Vet Dr. Joe Wakschlag, clinical professor, says experts tell us a dog bed doesn’t have to be a big investment for puppies and healthy dogs – and how usually any dog ​​bed at your local store will do Nutrition, Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation at Cornell College of Veterinary Medicine.
        Your dog’s bed can be on the floor, in an open cage, or anywhere he lives where he feels protected and safe. “Home is also a safe place, like the “base” where you played hide and seek as a child – if you are at the base, no one can catch you,” says Sarah Hogan, medical director of the VCA. California Veterinary Specialists (Sarah Hoggan, Ph.D. – Murieta. “If they’re tired and don’t want to play, they can go to bed [and tell] the family they want to rest,” she added. They also go to bed when they feel overwhelmed , especially with guests, children or cheerful adults.
        While many people choose to share a bed with their pets, this can be risky for dogs if they are too young or have arthritis, especially if they are in a raised bed. “Puppy legs are only 6 to 8 inches long and the average bed height is 24 inches – good mattresses tend to be taller. Jumping from three to four times the length of their legs can easily injure them,” says Hogan. Even if the damage is not immediate, excessive activity can predispose them to back and joint arthritis at a young age. In large breeds, any repetitive jumping can cause arthritis. “It’s safer and more comfortable to have your own low bed that’s easy to get in and out of,” says Hogan.
        Below, we’ve rounded up expert recommendations and a selection of favorite dog beds to suit your pet’s needs and preferences. Each of the beds below comes with a removable, washable cover as recommended by our experts and, unless otherwise noted, comes in a variety of sizes to ensure your dog stays comfortable in bed.
        Waxlag believes that the Casper Dog Bed is a safe choice for most dogs because it is made with memory foam that provides support for the joints and hips and helps relieve pressure. What’s more, it’s also a way to keep your dog entertained: according to the brand, its extra layer of washable microfiber material is designed to mimic the claw feel of loose dirt so they can move their paws without ruining them. When they lie down, there are foam pads on the sides that act as supportive cushions. The bed comes in three sizes: small for dogs up to 30 pounds, medium for dogs up to 60 pounds, and large for dogs up to 90 pounds.
        Small dogs — usually those that weigh less than 30 pounds — “generally prefer beds with raised edges and even pockets at the bottom,” says Angie, a certified dog trainer and dog behaviorist, Angela Logsdon-Hoover said. If you have a small dog, the Cozy Cuddler is a great choice to help her feel safer and less anxious while on vacation. With a built-in duvet, flexible faux fur walls and a plush interior, this bed allows your dog to burrow. or stretch according to the brand. Although the duvet is not removable, the brand says the entire bed is machine washable.
        Big Barker makes beds for large dogs weighing between 50 and 250 pounds and offers three rectangular bed types: a hip bed, a headrest bed, and a sofa bed, the latter of which has pillows on three of the four sides. Each bed comes with a machine-washable faux suede cover made from the brand’s proprietary foam, said to be designed to support the pressure curves of large dogs. (A large dog is considered a dog between 75 and 100 pounds, according to Dr. Dana Varble, chief veterinary surgeon for the nonprofit North American Veterinary Medical Association.) The brand says it also offers free foam if the foam sinks or sags around the neck. inside. replace. 10 years. The bed is available in three sizes (Queen, XL and Jumbo) and four colors.
        The Frisco soft dog bed is my 16 pound Havachon Bella’s favorite bed. She likes to lay her head on supported sides when she naps, or just bury her face in the crevice of the bed. The ultra-luxury upholstery of this bed makes it a comfortable place to relax during the day. The outer fabric is soft faux suede in neutral khaki, green or brown. The bed is available in three sizes: small (6.5″ high), medium (9″ high) and queen (10″ high).
        The Yeti dog bed is more expensive, but it’s essentially two beds in one: it has a base with cushions around the edges so your dog can nap around the house, and a detachable ottoman that can be used as a portable dog bed when you take her with you. furry friend on the road. According to the brand, to wash the fabric cover in the washing machine, you simply unzip it and remove it from the base and road mat – the underside of the road mat is also waterproof, while the molded EVA bottom layer of the home base is waterproof. According to Yeti, he is stable. Unlike the other options on this list, the YETI dog bed only comes in one size, with the base being 39 inches long and 29 inches wide, according to the brand. Selected senior editor Morgan Greenwald keeps a bed in her bedroom for her 54-pound dog, Susie, and says it’s the only bed she hasn’t (yet) destroyed.
        Nelson also recommends this orthopedic bed from Orvis, which features a three-sided polyester-filled pillow, a 3.5-inch thick memory foam pillow, and a low-profile open front for easy access for older dogs. brand Put on and off with ease. Orvis says it also contains a hypoallergenic, water-resistant lining and a durable furniture cover that unzips for easy access. The bed is available in four sizes, from small for dogs under 40 pounds to extra large for dogs weighing 90 pounds or more, and is available in eight different colors.
        This bed from Furhaven features an L-shaped design with throw pillows and, according to the brand, a “corner sofa” for your pet. According to the brand, it is wrapped in suede that is easy to clean and has a plush faux fur lining to keep your pet comfortable. It boasts orthopedic foam padding for support, which experts say can be helpful for older dogs. The bed is available in sizes ranging from small (for puppies up to 20 pounds) to extra large (for dogs up to 125 pounds). The bed’s rectangular shape makes it a convenient option to place in the corner of your dog’s favorite room, and its Jumbo Plus size is “perfect for a large dog like Chance, although my kitten loves to stretch out on it too.”
        Dr. Kristen Nelson, veterinarian and author of In Fur: Life as a Veterinarian, says her golden retriever Sally loves to lay on this LLBean mattress when it’s cold because it’s warm and washable. can be disassembled for easy cleaning. The bed comes with three support sides that provide a place for the dog to rest. The bed comes in four sizes, from small (for dogs weighing up to 25 pounds) to extra large (for dogs weighing 90 pounds and above). If you prefer unsupported fleece, LLBean offers a padded rectangular bed.
        Featured social editor Sadhana Daruvuri says her dog Bandit has loved the comfy round bed since the day he got home – he loves to curl up in it when he naps during the day or plays with his toys. “I love how easy it is to clean,” says Daruwuri. “I just load it into the washing machine on a gentle cycle.” According to the brand, the bed is covered in vegan shag and has deep crevices for your pet to burrow into. The brand says it’s available in five sizes, from the smallest for pets up to 7 pounds to the largest for pets up to 150 pounds. You can also choose from four colors including Taupe (beige), Frost (white), Dark Chocolate (dark brown) and Marshmallow (pink).
        Backyard outdoor activities or camping trips require a bed that is not only waterproof, but also able to withstand the elements and keep your dog safe – this washable, portable and waterproof bed fits the bill. Renowned writer Zoe Malin said that her dog Chance loves spending time with his family, so they bought him this bed, put it on the porch and carried it out into the yard. “It gets really dirty, but you can take the lid off and wipe it down, which is great,” she says. According to the brand, the bed’s interior upholstery is made from 4-inch thermoregulating gel memory foam and features a waterproof coating and zippers to withstand the elements. According to the brand, the medium size is suitable for dogs weighing up to 40 pounds, the large size is suitable for dogs weighing up to 65 pounds, and the XL size is suitable for dogs weighing up to 120 pounds.
        The Kuranda Standard Dog Bed is one of Nelson’s favorites due to its impressive durability. “When [Sally] was a puppy, the only bed he didn’t chew was Kuranda’s platform bed,” she says. According to the brand, the bed is designed for dogs weighing up to 100 pounds, can be used both indoors and outdoors, and features a durable, chew-resistant polypolymer frame that resists fading from sunlight and UV rays. It’s also perfect for any weather: the brand says that the air circulation under the bed helps the dog stay cool in the summer and get it up off the cold floor in the winter. You can choose from six different sizes, four different fabric types (including heavy duty vinyl, smooth nylon, textured nylon and outdoor mesh) and three fabric colors.
        If you are looking for a simple bed for a healthy dog ​​or puppy, our experts say that most beds will be a good and comfortable choice. Featuring a fun chevron pattern and a washable cover, this variant is available in four sizes from small to extra large. “Anyone with a lab knows that everything turns into a chew toy, including the bed, [and] Chance hasn’t chewed the bed yet,” Malin said, adding that her dog likes to rest her head on the edge of the rug. . She also noted that the plus size fits Chance perfectly, as he weighs around 100 pounds. The bed is available in six colors including sage, bright orange and yellow.
        Shade access is just as important as comfort when your dog is outside, and this dog bed’s removable canopy provides flexibility to work in both shaded and unshaded areas. If you live in a warm climate or your dog overheats quickly, our experts say a loft bed like this, with a mesh cover to allow air to circulate underneath, might be a good option.
        There are many types of dog beds on the market, from decorative beds that blend in with the furniture in your home to supportive orthopedic beds that can make older pets more comfortable. Buying the right dog for your dog can depend on a variety of factors, including the dog’s age, size, and temperament.
        Hogan identifies two main types of dog beds: basic and professional. “The most basic beds are the ones you’ll find in a dumpster at Costco – one size, one shape, with a soft pillow and blanket,” she said, noting that these basic beds are essential for the good health of young, healthy dogs with disabilities. opportunities. mobility problems. On the other hand, specialized beds are often useful when there is a medical need. This type of bed includes orthopedic and cooling beds designed to improve circulation and recovery. Essentially, “the type of bed depends on the dog it will serve,” notes Hogan.
       Our experts recommend considering several different characteristics when buying a dog bed, including the size of the bed, the level of cushioning and insulation.
        The size of the bed probably has the biggest impact on how comfortable your dog will be using it. “The bed should be large enough for your pet to fully extend their limbs and rest their entire body on it, even their toes,” Wobble says. Small dogs can usually use beds designed for larger breeds as long as they can jump in without problems, but “smaller beds don’t work as well for huge bodies,” notes Hogan.
        If your dog gets into a lot of accidents or just likes to lie in bed after a particularly muddy walk in the park, you might want to consider a bed with a removable outer cover and an impervious inner cover. Hogan says: “Given that dogs aren’t particularly tidy, getting a bed with a waterproof and washable cover is desirable – people prefer things that are in the house to anything that might be lying around outside. Smell”. Beds can often be expensive, Waxlag highlights that a durable, water-resistant finish will extend the life of the bed and ensure you get your money’s worth.
        In addition to the right size, comfort often depends on adequate cushioning and often depends on your pet’s size, mobility, and overall health. Waxlag notes that a special bed with adequate cushioning and memory foam can be very beneficial for older dogs, especially those with arthritis, neurological problems, and orthopedic problems. Hogan added: “Small puppies don’t need as much cushioning as larger dogs with arthritis, and generally dogs with limited mobility need firmer, thicker foam to comfortably support their body and prevent bedsores.”
        Fadl tells us that beds labeled “orthopedic dog beds” are made from high-quality orthopedic foam, which gently cushions bones and joints and is usually the best choice for older dogs. “Unfortunately, many older large dogs like to lie on the floor, which can be harder on their joints – this can be related to temperature issues, so a bed designed to keep the dog cool might be a good idea. dog beds have this feature,” she says. Nelson adds that orthopedic beds with a lower profile on one side make access easier, especially since dogs with arthritis find it difficult to raise their paws high enough for access.
        It is also important to pay attention to the thickness of the foam to determine how much cushioning an adult dog actually provides. “Anything with 1″ memory foam would claim to be an orthopedic bed, but there’s not much real evidence [whether it actually helps] – the reality is that all memory foam is 4″ to 1″ thick.” an inch range can be a good choice because it really helps with pressure distribution,” Wakschlag said.
        Dog beds are made from a variety of materials, from soft polyester for beauty and comfort to wear-resistant and durable bulletproof fabric. “If you have a dog that loves to rip stuffed toys, soft, fluffy wool beds won’t survive, and your money is better spent on something more durable,” she says.
        You should also be careful of any tassels or long cords visible on your bed, experts tell us. “Dogs love to chew, and tassels or threads can become linear foreign objects that get stuck in their stomachs and intestines,” Horgan said.
        Since the bed is the main source of comfort for your pet, which is less of a concern, the level of insulation in the bed can be an important factor depending on the climate you live in and your dog’s breed – it shouldn’t make them too warm. or too cold. “Slender breeds with no undercoat, such as Whippets or Italian Greyhounds, need more warmth in cold northern climates, while Arctic breeds in the tropics need more cooling spots,” Hogan explained.
       Beds that help keep your dog warm may be made of wool or other thicker materials, and cooling beds may be made of cooling foam or raised off the floor (such as a crib with a mesh base), which can help air circulate through the bottom.
        At Select, we work with experts who have the knowledge and authority based on relevant training and/or experience. We also take steps to ensure that all expert opinions and recommendations are independent and do not contain hidden financial conflicts of interest.
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