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        It’s easy to spend more on your puppy than on yourself. From durable toys to delicious food (and everything in between), we only want the best for our best friends. This is especially true for dog beds, which actually serve several important purposes.
        “While dogs may seem happy spending time anywhere in the home, it is important that they have dedicated dog beds,” Daniel Bernal, DVM, global veterinarian at Wellness Pet Company, tells PEOP. a warm, comfortable and safe place, but it is also very useful during training as a special space in which they can retreat.
        Our team (and their dogs) reviewed 20 of the highest-rated dog beds on the market, including every size and style we could find. The dogs used them for two weeks while their parents rated the quality of the beds, how comfortable they were, size, ease of cleaning and cost. According to dog and human testers, the 10 dog beds are winners, offering something for everyone (well, every dog).
        This soft dog bed was very comfortable, beautiful, and roomy for our team member George’s 75 pound dog. So much so that it scored a perfect five out of five in every category. We found this bed to be very soft, not only in the surface but also in the cushioning. Our testers even curled up on their dogs’ beds to get a first-hand feel. Their dog prefers human bed, but often sleeps on a dog bed day and night. This dog seems to really enjoy laying his head on the pillow.
        We also like that it has a cooling gel foam option, which keeps Long Haired George from overheating, which is a turnoff for him when it comes to many other beds. The quality and ease of cleaning are also excellent (the lid comes off easily and remains in good condition even after washing), as is the overall value. Our testers tried several similarly priced beds, but they were all significantly cheaper, and with five sizes (we tested a king size) and 15 colors to choose from, there’s something for everyone.
       It’s only available in three neutral colors, so if you fancy something a little more exotic, check out our other options.
        If you’re looking for a dog bed but want to stick to a more conservative budget, we recommend the MidWest Homes slatted bed. Our testers loved the softness and plushness of this bed, which almost feels like a mattress that would fit in a dog crate. Our tester joked that their dog was high-maintenance and spent very little time in bed at first, but began spending more time in bed once her favorite blanket was added to the equation. (We all like the familiar, don’t we?) Overall, this bed is a solid foundation option that adds a little cushion to the box.
        In terms of quality and durability, this bed performs very well. The tester’s dog loved to eat peanut butter from his crate, naturally making a mess on the bed. Our testers were able to wash and dry the pillow regularly, and it left it looking like new. The dimensions are accurate, the bed fits perfectly when the dog is lying down and matches the size of the crate. If you often leave your dog in a crate during the day, this bed can add a little comfort to the environment. Plus, it’s portable and makes a great backseat bed for road trips.
       The cover is easy to wash and dry (after hand washing, you can also dry the insert at a lower temperature).
        Whether you have an anxious dog or just a puppy who needs a quiet dog bed, there’s a reason this popular donut style has a great reputation. Dogs love it. In our real-life testing, our testers said both of their dogs loved the bed, with the older dog often climbing onto the soft bed and the younger pup loving tossing it around (or trying to throw it around).
        It still held up well after washing and we were glad it could be thrown in the dryer. The result was flawless and did not require much repair. Overall the quality is excellent and dogs are immediately attracted to it due to the fluffy texture. The donut shape is especially attractive to anxious dogs who prefer obstacles behind their backs or like to dig holes in the bed for comfort.
        People senior business writer Madison Yauger has been using the Best Friend donut bed for about eight months now, and her dog is a big fan. “My rescue puppy is very anxious and always looks so calm when he’s snuggled up in this bed,” Yoger said. “Especially when she was spayed and couldn’t stand on furniture, this bed provided her with a quiet place to rest and recover. She has survived many games between herself and other dogs, as well as several accidents. It cleans easily and looks new every time “
        Size: 6 | Material: polyester and long fur | Colors: 15 | Machine washable: Remove the filling and the cover can be washed and dried.
        If you have a long-haired dog (hello, golden retriever!) or a small dog with a flat nose (like a pug or French bulldog), they’re likely to get very overheated. A quality cooling bed for dogs allows them to enjoy better sleep while maintaining a cool body temperature. While a cool dog bed should never be the only way to keep your dog cool (sometimes it’s too hot outside for your pet), our tester’s dogs loved laying in this bed on warm days. The plastic mesh material of this bed is comfortable yet breathable, it’s a raised bed that may take some getting used to for dogs unfamiliar with its structure, but it won’t take long.
        Our real-life tester was a 75-pound golden retriever named George (who appears in the adorable picture of the main character at the beginning of this story). He immediately climbed into that bed, taking with him an assortment of toys to chew on while he lay on that bed outside on the porch. He felt comfortable and cool when laying on it (no excessive shortness of breath or other signs of discomfort). The mesh material has no scuffs or tears and is easy to clean with a damp cloth or even rinse with water from a hose. The large size fits George perfectly and gives him plenty of room to stretch out. I wish it was more portable (it’s hard to take apart for travel), but otherwise it’s a comfortable, cool place for your dog to rest and is sure to last a long time.
        For older dogs or dogs with joint problems, an orthopedic bedding can be a great solution. In our real-life testing, the 53-pound dog who tried this bed loved it. The foam is supportive yet comfortable to lie on, and the sloping sides of the bed provide pillow-like cushioning. The size allows her to fully expand – she’s like a big stretcher between naps, with the foam holding her up but still allowing her body to sink slightly.
        The lid is made of sherpa material and is easy to clean: you can throw it in water to clean it. We also appreciate the weight of the bed—it’s not bulky and can be easily tossed in the car. This is a great bed, especially for larger dogs, providing good head, neck and back support. Our tester’s dog slept on this bed regularly and always seemed to sleep peacefully.
       It comes in a variety of styles, including memory foam, cooling gel foam, and even orthopedic foam.
        Some dogs like to bury their face in the bed, and sometimes even bury their entire body in it. The Furhaven Burrow Blanket does just that and more as it provides a soft place to rest under cover. “If your dog loves to dig under the covers, a cave bed can give him the same feeling without cluttering up your bed,” says Dr. Bernal. It’s a winning choice for puppies like these, including our tester’s 25-pound Frenchton. Tester’s dog usually cries a little when he can’t snuggle up in the blanket the way he likes, but he fell asleep quickly on this bed.
        There are many base options, including memory, cooling gel, and orthopedic foam, the latter of which is a good choice for older dogs. Our testers gave it a 5 out of 10 in the size category, noting that it fit their small dog perfectly, but if you have a larger dog, keep in mind that the largest size is only available for dogs up to 80 pounds. The removable cover is easy to machine wash and keep clean, and while its cost is coming down a bit (our testers noted that the faux sherpa and suede material isn’t particularly thick), at the current price it’s worth replacing every few years if needed.
       The quality and construction of this bed is very high end, using many of the same materials that the brand uses in its human beds.
        Our testers raved about this bed’s impressive quality and chic design. It is said that a lot of thought went into the overall design, especially what materials were used. This earned it a rating of five out of five for quality. There is also a removable pad that can be removed from the base and can be used elsewhere if desired. At this point, the bed is made of foam, very similar to the foam the brand uses for body mattresses. While the large size can cost up to $270, our testers still found it to be quite a good deal considering the thoughtful design and materials.
        This would be a great option for those who want to spend a little more on a dog bed. What’s not so good is the comfort. The material is almost like canvas but not as soft, which is great for durability but not so much for comfort. The padding is super soft and comfortable, but the outer material overshadows the comfort inside—and getting your dog to sleep requires some coercion.
        Sizes: 3 | Materials: Polyurethane foam (base); Polyester filling (pillow); Cotton/Polyester Blend (Cover) | Colors: 3 | Machine washable: The base and cover are washable
        Our testers let their 45-pound puppy Dacey put this bed to the bell, and it held up well. It has proven to be very durable as it is made of thick material that can withstand stains, gnawing claws and frequent chewing. (Daisy peed on the bed from time to time and was immediately wiped up rather than soaked into the bed.)
        The duck cloth cover is machine washable, but our testers noted that cleaning and drying took a little time and didn’t make much of a difference compared to spot cleaning. Their pups love to curl up in the crib, which allows them to sleep for a long time thanks to the stuffing. It takes a few hits in the size category, and our testers note that it’s a little smaller than expected.
        Sizes: 3 | Materials: seat cushion with polyester padding; Canvas cover | Colors: 6 | Machine Washable: Yes, the cover is machine washable.
       It is extremely lightweight and portable and comes with a storage bag, making it ideal for outdoor adventures.
        If you take your dog with you on outdoor adventures, consider the Ruffwear Highlands Bed. Our testers regularly took their dogs for walks and were pleased with the quality of the dog bed. Test dogs loved napping in and out of bed, thanks in part to the soft yet durable material.
        Even though it’s very lightweight (again, a good choice when you’re hiking or camping), it’s still very warm and will keep your dog’s body warm when it’s zipped up. Puppies use both zippers and zippers. The latter is a great addition as a blanket for an indoor dog bed. It didn’t score too well in its size category: It’s a little smaller than expected, but still fits our tester’s 55-pound pup. However, our testers noted that it would be better if they went up in size. Despite the higher price, it still scored an A in the budget category, receiving rave reviews for its premium materials and versatile options.
        Although this option is one of the more expensive dog beds on our list, our testers think it’s well worth the investment thanks to its comfort, quality, and ease of cleaning. We were impressed by the durability of the material, which almost mimics a human mattress, being both soft and firm.
        It also gets top marks for ease of cleaning. The tester’s dog liked the peanut butter sticks and bones, but they were too messy. When your puppy eats on the bed, he creates an obvious mess that can be cleaned up with a cleaning spray and paper towels. The cover is also machine washable and completely waterproof. Our testers were quick to note that this would be a good choice for dogs who are not yet potty trained or who drool a lot. While it may be a little fancier, it’s a great option if you don’t mind a simple style.
        “Choosing the right size bed is very important because choosing the wrong bed can affect your dog’s warmth and comfort,” says Dr. Bernal. “A bed that is too small can feel cramped and uncomfortable, so if your dog is medium-sized or still growing, choose a larger size.” She recommends measuring your dog’s length from the tip of his nose to his tail to find the right bed. size. “Then measure from your shoulders to the floor. This measurement will tell you how wide the bed should be,” she advises.
        “The bed becomes a safe place for dogs and they know it is their place to rest and relax,” explains Dr. Bernal. “This is especially important if the dog’s bed has been moved, so they still know the bed is their safe place. In this regard, dog beds are very travel-friendly,” adds Sunday Dog co-founder and Chief Veterinarian Dr. Tori Waxman. that if you can bring a dog bed with you, it will provide your dog with a familiar place to settle down without the smell of home. For example, if you often enjoy hiking or outdoor adventures, the Ruffwear lightweight dog bed may be a great choice for you and your dog.
        “Orthopedic beds provide additional cushioning for older dogs and dogs with arthritis,” says Dr. Waxman. “In addition to increasing comfort, these types of beds provide a springy cushion that helps the dog rise from a sleeping position,” she explains. (Our favorite option for an orthopedic dog bed is the Furhaven Dog Bed.) Likewise, a bedding with adequate padding is important for large dogs, as they can scrape their elbows when standing up from hard surfaces. This can lead to scarring and even calluses, he adds. RIFRUFF veterinarian Dr. Andy Jiang. Have a puppy? Make sure your bed is resistant to chewing, digging and accidents.
        “The position your dog prefers to sleep in will help determine the shape, filling, and type of bed he prefers,” explains Dr. Bernal. She explains that some dogs like to dig holes or sleep curled up, in which case a basket bed or bed with some kind of throw pillow will work. The raised sides also provide a small headrest on which you can rest your head if desired. “, she adds. “If your dog likes to lie down, a pillow, pillow, or mattress bed may be a better choice. These types of beds don’t have raised sides, so they allow your dog to stretch out more freely,” she says.
        Dr. Chan notes that a bed with a washable cover will make your life easier, especially if you have an active dog that loves to play (and get dirty) outside. Especially in the event of an accident, you can spot clean the insert or manually, and then throw the case into water to clean it.
        We used data from three different real-life tests to find the best dog beds for your furry best friends. For each test, we tested over 60 dog beds with real dogs (and they are finicky ones) to determine which one ranked best in terms of quality, comfort, size and durability, as well as testing cooling and cooling capabilities.
        For each test, our dog parents set up the bed, place any inserts inside the blanket, and then evaluate the overall design. Our team felt the material and density of the mat. For cooling beds, we looked at whether the bed actually felt cool to the touch, and for orthopedic beds, we looked at how much support the bed provided. We also determined whether the bed was too big or easy to carry (think backseat size for road trips), and what size the dog and bed would be (like a crate bed and whether it would actually fit in a crate). ) .
        After letting our dogs use (and in some cases abuse) these beds for two weeks, we appreciated their durability. Is it possible to remove sticky peanut butter from fuzzy fabric in just one wash? Are there any signs of wear? How easy is it to clean the bed? We looked at all of these qualities and rated each bed from 1 to 5. We then selected our (and our) dogs’ favorite beds for our list of the best dog beds of 2023.
        This largely depends on your puppy’s sleep preferences and age. However, according to the veterinarians we spoke with, softer beds with more padding or padding are especially important for older dogs or those who may have joint problems.
        It depends on the situation, but it adds convenience. However, if you machine wash, Dr. Waxman recommends always using a fragrance-free detergent since dogs are very sensitive to odors. If you want to fix the accident, it may be helpful to treat it with a special cleaner beforehand, she says.
        “While your dog may always have a favorite bed, a good rule of thumb is to provide your dog with a dog bed in every room where the family typically spends most of their time sitting, sleeping or relaxing. If you have multiple dogs, make sure each dog in these areas has their own bed,” says Dr. Bernal. Dr. Waxman adds that this is especially true if you don’t allow your dog to sit on furniture, since you still want him to have a comfortable place to rest.
        Melanie Rad is a freelance writer, editor, and beauty expert based in Chicago. It also covers a wide range of pet products such as portable dog water bottles, pet hair vacuums and automatic feeders. Madison Yauger, senior business writer for People magazine, tests hundreds of lifestyle products in every category. She has a background in journalism and lifestyle journalism, an extensive network of expert sources, and a passion for accuracy. For this story, they spoke with Danielle Bernal, DVM, international veterinarian at Wellness Pet Company, Dr. Tori Waxman, co-founder and chief veterinarian at Sundays for Dogs, and Dr. Andy Jiang, veterinarian at RIFRUF. We also used real-world test results to gain insight from the only critics that matter: our dogs. They tested each bed for comfort, support, and durability, and we used that data to determine the best dog beds of 2023.
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