Deeply tap into customers’ explicit needs and assist in the export of pet products

According to data, 62% of households in the United States, from the president to ordinary citizens, have pet dogs, and 50% of households in Japan also have at least one pet.

Nowadays, pets have become a part of many people’s lives, and the scale of the pet market is also increasing year by year.

It is said that out of every 10 pets in foreign countries, 1 is raised by Amazon.

Many people are frugal and can spend a lot of money on Amazon for their pets. The “other economy” brought about by pet consumption continues to ferment, and the trend of family pet ownership in the future will only become increasingly high.

From this, it can be seen that for Amazon sellers, pets are a popular category. So, how can sellers stand out among the many products?

Learn these efficient ways to choose Amazon pets and create popular ones, but it’s not as difficult as you think.

dog cage

Capture the lifestyle characteristics of pets from various countries and delve deeper into explicit needs


The fate of a family often depends on a man choosing a wife, and a virtuous wife always prospers. An Amazon store often depends on how the seller selects the product.

In the pet category, sellers should first consider the pet characteristics and culture of the selected site country when selecting products.

For example, Americans love to keep dogs, while American consumers prefer to keep medium to large dogs. Americans often hold birthday parties for their pets and like to take photos of them. When entering the peak season of tourism and vacation, Americans also bring their pets with them and purchase vacation supplies for their pets. So when choosing a category, sellers can also consider choosing pet clothing, straps, shoes, bowls, or other pet products.

The proportion of French people owning cats and dogs is relatively high. In France, there are even holiday resorts and star rated hotels specifically designed for dogs, allowing pets to enjoy romantic holidays and setting up clothing training centers. Sellers can choose products from aspects such as dressing up as pets.

Japanese pet owners carry plastic bags and other items with them to facilitate timely cleaning of pet waste. The habits of cleaning and bathing have also influenced Japanese culture, so they like to bathe their pets. For sellers on Amazon Japan, they can focus more on pet cleaning and care options.

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Meeting emotional needs and breaking through product selection bottlenecks


When selecting products, it is also possible to stimulate users’ desire to consume by targeting their emotions. For example, playing emotional cards and showcasing products can make the relationship between consumers and pets more intimate, directly piercing consumers’ hearts.

In fact, pets are not only a warm companion, but also a special “social currency”. With the development of YouTube, Facebook, and others, pet owners have become very fond of dressing up their pets and sharing photos and videos in social circles. They also hope to use pets to increase topics and interactions with others. As a seller, emotional marketing can be used as a basis for product selection.

Customization of Qianchong Qianmian, Seeking New Business Opportunities for Selected Products


With the younger generation of pet owners and the improvement of education and income levels, the scientific concept of pet ownership has been accepted by an increasing number of pet owners.

Many consumers choose to purchase customized products for their pets. Taking pet food as an example, among the consumption decision-making factors of pet staple foods, “nutritional ratio” and “ingredient composition” are the two factors that consumers are most concerned about.

Personalized and customized food has become a choice for many buyers, limiting the calorie intake of pets and customizing food based on their physical conditions. Let pets bid farewell to puffed dry food and eat healthily.


However, Amazon’s pet category has both business opportunities and crises.

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Preventing co selling

The clothing category in pets is considered a hot seller, and it is relatively easy to suffer from the phenomenon of co selling, which makes it unbearable for some sellers who have worked hard to put them on the shelves.

When making pet products, if you want to avoid being co sold, brand registration is really necessary. Brand registration is particularly important for product manufacturers, owners of their own brands, or sellers with exclusive distribution rights. Registering an Amazon brand registration can prevent others from tampering with your listing.

Also join Amazon anti co selling projects such as Amazon Exclusives and Amazon Project Zero, or you can send an email to Amazon to file a complaint.


Preventing low quality

In addition to being co sold, it is also common for pet category returns and reviews to receive negative reviews. After all, pet owners are more concerned about the quality of the products used by their pets than their own. If they buy something they don’t like on Amazon, they will give a negative review, which is overwhelming.

Anti infringement

Some pet toys or pet feeding bowls may have patent infringement issues, so sellers need to pay more attention.

Post time: Sep-13-2023