Best KONG Dog Toys of 2020 (Interactive, Puzzles, Toys & More)

        KONG dog toys have a well-deserved reputation and are known for their durability. Veterinarians and dog trainers recommend that pet owners who have trouble finding toys that can withstand aggressive chewing try KONG toys. The company produces various types of KONG dog toys. Below are the best toys for dogs who love to chew.
        As with all dog toys, choosing a chew toy for your dog should be based on his personal preferences. Some dogs love to fetch the ball, so the KONG ball is a good choice. Other dogs that enjoy playing tug of war may benefit from the KONG Durable Rope Toy. Finally, your dog may like to play a lot of different games. In this case, you can buy your dog a variety of dog toys to keep him occupied.
        Some dog owners find that cheap dog toys are a great way to save money, but buying cheap toys that may not be safe can end up costing you more in the long run. These KONG toys below are considered safe because they are durable, last longer, and do not contain parts that could break off and pose a swallowing or choking hazard for your dog. You also don’t have to go to the store every month to buy new toys.
        This Kong dog toy has been a best seller for many years. Available in six sizes from XS to XXL. Size L measures 2.75 x 4 x 2.75 inches. The chewing toy is made of natural rubber. It constantly satisfies the dog’s curiosity and is a calming toy for anxious or agitated dogs.
        The toy is filled with treats, making it even more delicious. It’s ideal for keeping restless and energetic pets occupied, but it’s also a great bouncing toy for playtime. The versatility of this product makes it one of the best KONG dog toys on the market.
        Pet owners who work outside the home say the Kong Classic has been a lifesaver for them and their anxious dogs. This keeps their dogs busy and avoids injury and countless behavioral problems. This chew toy has helped many dogs overcome separation anxiety and allowed pet owners to continue living a normal life. Buyers of the larger Kong Classic have found that it is indestructible even for moderate to moderate chewers.
        However, owners of large dogs and strong chewers complain that their pets can chew King Kong to pieces without much effort. In addition to this problem, chew toys that are too small for dogs can pose a choking hazard. Therefore, before purchasing, you should familiarize yourself with the size chart. In general, customers who purchase the right size and type of Kong for their dog get exactly what they need and are very happy with their purchase.
        The Best KONG Dog Toys set includes three colorful balls, each measuring 2.5 inches in diameter. The inflatable ball is made of high quality rubber and covered with protective tennis material. Each balloon is printed with the KONG product logo and “Happy Birthday” on one side, making this set a great birthday gift for your pet.
        These squeaky toys not only help your dog concentrate and make noise around corners, but they can also be thrown around during an intense game of fetch. Customers and their pets enjoy playing with these balls. Some people even stock these best KONG dog toys regularly and restock them just like other pet products.
        The KONG Air Dog Squeakair Birthday Ball is actually a squeaky tennis ball, although it doesn’t fly as high or squeak. Dogs prefer these balls to standard tennis balls because they are rewarded with a squeak every time.
        However, larger dogs will have no problem tearing this ball or any other tennis ball. As many buyers have noted, this is a squeaky toy ball and not a chew toy. The dog ball is attractive to dogs, serves its intended purpose well and satisfies the dog’s needs, making a squeaking sound when the dog catches up with it. Owners who expected it to withstand constant chewing were disappointed.
        Another best-selling Kong, this is a cozy toy that allows pets to snuggle up in their favorite spot. The Cozie is made from high quality materials and is stitched in multiple layers for added durability. In addition to Spanky the monkey, there are 10 funny characters to choose from – crocodile, elephant, rabbit, lamb, rhinoceros and others. These best KONG dog toys are soft yet durable, squeaky and colorful, and your dog is sure to love them.
        They can be used during fetch or chew play, but are not intended to be used as throwing or chew toys. They have instantly become companions for most pets who buy them. Customers find this product to be good value for money as their pets can’t get enough of Cozie toys.
        Pet parents have reviewed this toy, saying their dogs carry it with them everywhere like a security blanket. After months of use (shaking, throwing, and sometimes rough play), these Cozie Dog Squeaky toys have proven to be durable. The additional squeak that appears during purchase is also highly appreciated by buyers.
        While others were clearly surprised that Cozy was able to withstand nearly a year of constant chewing from their pets, others complained that their dogs easily tore the toy to shreds in a matter of minutes. However, the product description clearly states that this best KONG dog toy is not chewable. This is also noted by owners who purchase this product for intensive chewing.
        This red rubber toy measures 3.5 inches in diameter and is designed for medium to large dogs. This is one of the best KONG dog toys because it can also hold and dispense treats, bounce, clean your dog’s teeth and massage his gums. Shaped like a ribbed ball and made from natural, non-toxic rubber, this toy is truly a bouncy ball. It has recesses where you can put snacks and enjoy and munch for hours.
        The toy’s natural materials and durable construction massage and clean your dog’s mouth. To do this, you can stuff dog toothpaste into the grooves for extra dental benefits. If you are not satisfied, you are guaranteed a full refund within 30 days.
        Buyers consider it an indispensable tool for managing the character of their pet. It’s great for licking food, chewing for anxiety, playing throw and fetch, and maintaining oral hygiene. To say that KONG Stuff-A-Ball dog toys are designed to last is an understatement, as many pets keep toys for up to two years without interruption. Some owners even pass on their pets’ old toy balls to the next generation of puppies.
        The most common complaint about this product is that it is less attractive to dogs than previous versions of KONG. Some people have also noticed that this design is difficult to clean. Pets have different tastes, just like pet owners. Overall, customers are delighted with how this product exceeded their expectations.
        This rubber bone toy measures approximately 7 inches and has clips on both ends for inserting treats. Like all the best KONG dog toys, it is made in the USA from non-toxic, puncture-resistant and durable materials.
        Designed for large dogs and energetic chewers, it is designed to calm dogs suffering from anxiety or other behavioral problems. This bone can keep dogs occupied for hours, feeding their hunting and chewing instincts. This toy bone has received recognition from many customers mainly because of its durability.
        In almost all cases, Kong quickly becomes the dog’s favorite toy. When pets are happy, their owners will naturally be happy too. Owners of heavy chew toys will be surprised at how durable these KONG Goodie bone dog toys are.
        However, power chewers are different. They will discover that the bone is a piece of flesh. Owners of steel-jawed dogs underestimated their dogs’ killing abilities and were disappointed to find that the toy bone wouldn’t last a day of chewing. Although these best KONG dog toys are impervious to most heavy chewing breeds such as Labradors, as some customers have experienced, these best KONG dog toys may not withstand attacks from aggressive chewers such as pit bulls.
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Post time: Sep-13-2023