Best dog crates for car travel in the UK in 2023

       Turn too far to the right and even the smallest pups will be reminded that they’re about to go to the vet, while on longer trips restless dogs can dangerously climb onto the gearshift and steering wheel in hopes of attracting attention.
       Likewise, while we all love to see our dogs happy, grinning goofily, with their heads and tongues flapping in the wind, this is not the safest driving practice, especially on A-roads and motorways.
       While some dog owners may believe that crate training is only useful for ensuring that your puppy can sleep safely on his own, a crate is just as important for safety and comfort as it is at home.
        However, the very large crate you buy for your dog to “grow up” may not fit in the trunk of your car. If you want to cruise around the UK with your furry friend, you’ll need a second option: one with sloping sides or a soft fabric material that folds down. Once you teach them to go into the cage, that’s it.
        If you’re not convinced that car crates are the way forward, consider this. In the event of a car accident, a durable crate will help protect your pet and minimize potential injuries from the accident.
       Additionally, from both an aesthetic and an allergy perspective, keeping your dog in a crate during car trips will prevent dog hair from gracing your car seats.
        Not only will you keep your dog safe as he moves around the crate, but you will also limit cleaning up spills to one area. As easy as pie.
       Keep scrolling to see the best dog crates to keep your pet calm and safe in the car.
        The reason this box has over 2,000 five-star reviews on Amazon is simple. Many car dog crates have two slanted sides, which limits both the space for your dog and the ability to fit the crate neatly into the trunk of your car. However, this box from Ellie-Bo has one slanted side and one flat side.
        It is available in small (24 inches) and medium (30 inches) sizes, and in deluxe or standard configurations. The first includes a soft dog bed, while the second has a standard non-chew metal bottom. In both versions, the bottom can be easily removed for cleaning.
        The box folds flat for easy storage and has handles for ease of use. The best part is that it comes with a handy tutorial.
        This spacious box has a generous height, long bottom and sloped front, making it ideal for hatchbacks and large car trunks. It has a door that closes with a latch so your puppy can jump in and out easily. It is also made of powder coated metal which will not rust and is very safe.
        This product is made of plastic, which means it’s not the best option for nervous riders who will end up chewing everything in sight. However, this crate has an open look, making it a good choice for anxious pups, and it folds flat for easy storage.
        If you have a very large car and a large trunk, you probably won’t have to worry about purchasing a separate box that will fit in the car. This beautiful Ellie-Bo box is made from the same durable materials as the brand’s deluxe tilt version and is available in a variety of sizes. From small (24 inches) to extra large (42 inches), this brand of crate will help you and your dog train at home and in the car.
       If your pup attacks metal crates like a cartoon prisoner, or metal just isn’t your style, your pet may be better off with a collapsible crate made from a softer fabric.
        The folding iron tubular frame with padding ensures it is strong enough for car use, while the 600D Oxford fabric surrounding the box ensures durability and comfort. With four ventilation mesh windows on each side of the crate, your dog will feel relaxed while remaining safe.
        Despite the oddly small brand name, your pup is no pushover. However, they may get a little anxious and crave affection when you take them around. Although this set is not technically a crate, its high sides and seat belt attachment make it a very safe way to keep your pup close while driving.
        Made from durable aluminum and ebony wood, the Comfort Dog Crate is a great choice if you’re looking for a crate that can be permanently attached to your vehicle. Available in a variety of sizes, we recommend this crate if you move your puppy around every day.
        This model also comes with a removable partition if you’re traveling with multiple dogs at the same time. It requires flat pack assembly, meaning it can be disassembled as easily as it can be assembled, making it easy to store when not in use.
        The lightweight version is equipped with removable partitions and a steel door with a plastic coating. You can’t go wrong with a classic plastic crate. This option also features a hygienic drainage pad for easy cleaning in case of spills or accidents along the way.
        If, despite our best efforts, we have not been able to convince you to buy a very large crate or your Great Dane is too large for one person, then a car guard is certainly the next best option. The cover is easy to install, fits most station wagons, hatchbacks and SUVs, and is adjustable in height and width.
       With an additional safety clip to prevent your dog from climbing into the back seat, we recommend this option for dog owners who can’t imagine how to fit a large dog into a crate or simply can’t find a crate that fits their vehicle.

Post time: Sep-28-2023