Amazon and Temu sell “dog masks”

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As hundreds of wildfires in Canada have produced a lot of haze, air pollution in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and other places in Northeastern United States has been serious recently. While people are paying attention to when the haze will dissipate, topics such as how to protect pets at home from the harm of wildfire smoke, whether it is safe for pets to go out when the air quality deteriorates, and whether pets should wear masks have quickly exploded in overseas social media.

The design of ordinary medical masks and N95 masks is not suitable for pet facial features and cannot effectively isolate bacteria and viruses. Therefore, pet specific masks such as “dog masks” have emerged. On Amazon and Temu, some sellers have already started selling specialized masks that can prevent dogs from inhaling smoke and dust. However, there are currently few products on sale, perhaps due to qualification issues, or perhaps because the sellers believe that they are only seasonal and phased products, and have not made too much investment. They just try to use the popularity to make a try.

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Pet health issues caused by air pollution

Recently, the New York Times published a report that with the increase of the Air Pollution Index, pet families living in New York State began to use dog masks to prevent their pets from inhaling toxic smoke and affecting their health.

It is understood that @ puppynamedcharlie is a “pet blogger” with some influence on TikTok and Instagram, so this video has quickly gained widespread attention since its release.

In the comment section, many users highly recognize the “protective measures” she has taken for Mao children to go out during this “special period”. At the same time, there are also many messages asking bloggers about the same type of dog mask.

In fact, with the worsening air pollution in New York, many pet families have begun to pay attention to the health issues of their pets. In just a few days, the topic of “dogs wearing masks” on TikTok has reached 46.4 million views, and more and more people are sharing various DIY protective masks on the platform.

According to relevant data, the user base of dog owners in the United States is very broad, including people of all ages and social classes. According to the American Pet Product Manufacturers Association, approximately 38% of American households own at least one pet dog. Among them, young people and families are the main groups that keep dogs, and overall, keeping dogs has become an indispensable part of American society. As one of the countries with the largest number of pet dogs in the world, the rise of Air Pollution Index is also affecting the health of pet dogs.

Therefore, from the current situation, driven by the trend of TikTok, the trend of wearing masks for dogs while traveling will continue for a long time, which is highly likely to cause a wave of sales of pet protective equipment.


According to Google Trends data, the popularity of “Pet Masks” showed a fluctuating upward trend in early June, reaching its peak on June 10th.

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On Amazon, there are currently not many sellers selling dog masks. One of the products was only launched on June 9th, priced at $11.49, from sellers in China. This cage mouthpiece suitable for large dogs can also effectively prevent respiratory allergies when walking outdoors.

On Temu, there are also sellers selling dog masks, but the price is relatively low, only $3.03. However, Temu sellers provide more detailed descriptions of the usage scenarios of dog masks, such as 1. dogs with respiratory diseases or respiratory sensitivity; 2. Puppies and old dogs; 3. When the weather deteriorates, the air quality deteriorates; 4. Allergic dogs; 5. It is recommended to wear it when going out for medical treatment; 6. It is recommended to wear it during the pollen season.

With the emergence of extreme weather and rare diseases, people’s demand for pet protection is also increasing. According to Hugo’s cross-border understanding, after the outbreak of the COVID-19 in 2020, several cross-border e-commerce platforms expanded the classification of household protective equipment for epidemic prevention and control, and expanded the classification of pet protective equipment under pet equipment, such as pet masks, pet protective glasses, pet protective shoes and other pet protective equipment.

Post time: Jul-10-2023